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Shell Valley Classic Wheels, Inc. Customer Photos

This section features customer photos, events, and awards that customers have recieved.

She's No Trailer Queen
She's No Trailer Queen

     It was the London Cobra Show in 2013 when J. Bullock of Ind. approached Travis Roth and Dana Dankert of Shell Valley Classic Wheels, Inc. and purchased a Cobra replica on display.  Bullock purchased Kit "C" The Complete with a few extra add ons and work already done.  The car was later delivered to Indiana on the way back to Nebraska from London, Ohio.

     "The timing was just right-- Mostly it was Dana's reputation on the web from many posts I had read," Bullock explains his decision to choose a Shell Valley replica.  He continues to express the importance in getting his stepson interested in other things besides video games.  "I am pretty sure he think it's his car," Bullock mentions.

     Bullock and his stepson joined the 20th Annual Hot Rod Power Tour making seven stops on the journey from Charlotte, N.C. to the final leg in Wisconsin Dells, Wis.  The tour took place June 7-14, 2014;  his Cobra replica featured SVC meatballs on the doors and hood.  "Cars were everywhere...all kinds, all colors-- it was a car guy's dream," Bullock says.  The Hot Rot Power Tour had record setting numbers with a car count of over 3,000 each stop and an estimated 100,500 spectators throughout the entire journey.  Bullock's total mileage for the trip was 2950.  "The car did great and was unexpectedly comfortable."

     Upon returning from the Hot Rod Power Tour, Bullock began the process of cleaning the car to take to the 2014 London Cobra Show, back to where it all began on year prior.  Bullock's Generation II Shell Valley Cobra Replica was a sight sitting next to the Shell Valley House Car.  As of July 4, 2014, Bullock's car has 4218 miles on the odometer, "She is no trailer queen," he says.


Engine:     Ford 351 Windsor with Trick Flow twisted Wedge Heads, Comp Cams Roller Cam, Ford Motorsports Roller Rockers, Edelbrock RPM Air Gap Intake, Aluminum Flywheel

Transmission:     Tremec TKO 500

Paint:     Sun Burst Orange with Tuxedo Black Stripes

Interior:     Custom Interior by Denos Upholstery, Two-tone Tan and Black

Extras:     Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Heated Seats, Fuel Ration Gauge, Stereo, Passenger Roll Bar

John V.

     John has done several CJ's over the years and decided to do another, but to keep this time. He wanted to be different; find a Jeep that no one else had. Eventually, John came across an '81 Scrambler in pretty rough shape. After some extensive searching, John came up empty handed on a tub. A simple search online brought him to where he came across and ordered a fiberglass tub.

     "Best decision I made; worked out great!" -John V., Wisconsin

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Cullen M. - Oklahoma

Cullen M. - Oklahoma Shell Valley Classic Wheels, Inc. Cobra Replica

John B.

John B. Cobra Replica - Terre Haute Custom Auto Show

Carl A.

Carl A. New Mexico Cobra Replica

Doug B.

Doug B. Shell Valley Cobra Replica

John O.

John O. 29 A Roadster

Larry D.

Larry D. Denver, CO 29 A Roadster

Mike H.

Mike H. 29 A Roadster

Scott R.

Scott R. Fiberglass Jeep Body

Terry S.

Terry S.  From Saratoga Springs, UT.

Wayne B.

Wayne B. Cobra Replica

Wayne W.

Wayne W. Cobra Replica

Frank M. Mini Cobra Nose

Frank M. Mini Cobra Nose  From Monaca, PA

Jim T. Cobra Replica

Jim T. Cobra Replica  From Edmond, OK

Ed O. 29 A  Roadster

Ed O. 29 A Roadster  From Florence, AL

Ron G. Cobra Replica

Ron G. Cobra Replica  From Palm Beach, FL.

John G. 427 Cobra Replica

John G. 427 Cobra Replica  St. Petersburg, FL

Ron G. Cobra Replica

Ron G. Cobra Replica  From Virginia

Calvin B. Jeep

Calvin B. Jeep  Calvin B. Jeep

Mark O. Cobra Replica

Mark O. Cobra Replica  From DesMoines, IA

Dave G. Cobra Replica

Dave G. Cobra Replica  From Los Lumas, NM

Abdulla N.

Abdulla N. From Kuwait

Terry S. Cobra Replica

Terry S. Cobra Replica  From Saratoga Springs, UT

Ed H. Cobra Replica

Ed H. Cobra Replica  From Salisbry, NC.

Chris L. 29 A Roadster

Chris L. 29 A Roadster  From Riverside, CA.

Russ A. Cobra Replica

Russ A. Cobra Replica  From Littleton, CO

Colbort 29 A Roadster

Colbort 29 A Roadster  Colbort 29 A Roadster

Bob K. Cobra Replica

Bob K. Cobra Replica  From Lincoln, NE

Rob W. 427 Cobra Replica

Rob W. 427 Cobra Replica From North Wales, PA

Jack O. 29 A Roadster

Jack O. 29 A Roadster From Plattsmouth, NE

Carl A. Cobra Replica

Carl A. Cobra Replica  From Albaqurque, NM.

Dan W. Jeep

Dan W. Jeep  From Sandwich, MA Jeep

Dan R. Cobra Replica

Dan R. Cobra Replica  From LeMars, IA

Ed R. Jeep

Ed R. Jeep  From Kellogg, IA.

Howard P. Cobra Replica

Howard P. Cobra Replica From Downers Grove, IL.

John M. Jeep

John M. Jeep  From Fruit Heights, UT

Mahlon M. Daytona Coupe

Mahlon M. Daytona Coupe  From Erie, CO

Rick and Dick M. Jeep

Rick and Dick M. Jeep From Westfield, IA.

Rich S. Cobra

Rich S. Cobra  From Windgap, PA.

Brett P. Jeep

Brett P. Jeep  Jeep

Victor G Cobra

Victor G Cobra  From Sterling, VA.

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