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29 A Roadster Replica > 29 A Roadster Replica Kits

29 A Roadster Replica Kits

29 A Roadster Replica Kits

The "A" Roadster Replica - Complete Kits start at $16,995.00 - Body Only start at $4,495.00 


  • The "A" Roadster "HOTROD" has a high quality state-of-the-art roadster body. This beauty comes with a smooth, sandable gelcoat finish. It is totally reinforced with fiberglass matte, resin and chopped glass. All bodies have Kevlar and steel molded into the critical stress points.
  • The body comes with all divider panels, smooth recessed firewall, smooth dash professionally molded into place, installed hinges, and working doors and trunk lid.


  • Rectangular tube frame with all suspension mounted in place.
  • Chevy motor mounts welded in place (Ford motor mounts available)
  • Universal transmission mount included.
  • Cowl hoop with door hinges, installed.
  • Body pre-positioned to the frame.
  • Body mounting kit with weatherstrip included.

Front Suspension:

  • New tubular upper and lower A-arms, installed (add$195 for chrome)
  • New 2" drop spindles, installed.
  • Rack and pinion steering complete with tie rods and bushings installed.
  • New 5 bolt rotors, installed.
  • All Bearings, seals and dust caps.
  • Brake calipers complete with caliper brackets.
  • Aluminum QA-1 coilover shocks with springs.
  • Front brake hoses with fluid bolts and washers.
  • Straight axle option available.

Rear Suspension:

  • 4-bar rear suspension with Panhard bar, installed (add $150.00 for chrome).
  • Aluminum QA-1 coilover shocks with springs, installed.
  • Ford 9" rear end with new axles and used third member, installed.
  • New 5 bolt rotors.
  • Disc brake package includes brake calipers with caliper mounting brackets.
  • Rear brake hoses with fluid bolts and washers and splitter block.

Other Items Included:

  • Brake line kit.
  • Fuel line kit.
  • Complete steering column assembly.
  • Gas pedal assembly complete with linkage.
  • Frame mount brake pedal assembly with master cylinder.
  • Complete windshield assembly.
  • New aluminum radiator complete with mounting brackets.
  • Wiring harness complete with pre-wired switches.
  • Handles and latches for doors and trunk.
  • Complete light package.
  • Rear view mirror.
  • Grill shell.
  • Hood.

Additional Items to Complete Your Kit:

  • Wheels and tires.
  • Steering wheel.
  • Gauge package.
  • Emergency brake kit.
  • Seats.
  • Interior.
  • Gas tank.
  • Grill insert.
  • Removable hardtop.
  • Headers.
  • Engine and transmission.
  • Shifter and linkage.
  • Optima battery.
  • Drive shaft.
  • Hoses.
  • Paint.
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29 A Roadster Replica Kit

29 A Roadster Replica Kit Shell Valley Classic Wheels 29 A Roadster

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